Product Highlight – Mid-Length Knee Pad

We value customer feedback and input when designing, creating, and planning our products. We were contacted by many customers asking for a knee sleeve that covered less surface area and more closely resembled a traditional knee pad. Hence, our new mid-length knee pad.


Why choose a mid-length knee pad?

Each athlete prefers a different feel when it comes to gear. Some athletes prefer a full- length sleeve, and some prefer a mid-length sleeve. One major advantage of our mid-length sleeve is comfort. With less fabric, and an added mesh panel surrounding the knee pad, it is easy to forget that you are even wearing this product. A good athletic knee pad does its job without you thinking about it.


What makes this knee pad different?

There are two major complaints about knee pads, regardless of sport. One, they won’t stay in place during rigorous activity i.e. basketball, lacrosse, wrestling, football. Two, the pad deteriorates quickly and loses its structural integrity. This product was designed with those two problems in mind. A wider top band helps prevent the sleeve from slipping during practice/competition. When the appropriate size is worn (always reference sizing chart) the sleeve does its job and stays snug to the athlete’s leg. Without the need for constant readjustment. The Cumulus one-piece knee pad is extremely durable and will not fall apart or lose its shape.

The mesh knee panel makes this sleeve the most comfortable on the market. Mesh helps reduce friction or skin irritation when bending, jumping, shooting, or catching. It allows cool air in while wicking sweat away. During longs games or practices you will stay cool, comfortable, and focused. The last thing you want on the wrestling mat or basketball court is your knee pad to be an irritation or distraction.

Look good, feel good, play good

While functionality is always our first priority, a product must also look great. Sharp angles, serge stitching, and top-quality polyester elastane make this mid-length knee pad the best-looking product available. We want Cumulus customers to stand out from the crowd. This striking knee pad will have people asking where you got it. As the old adage goes – look good, feel good, play good. Our knee pad embodies that slogan.


We spent a great deal of time and effort designing this product. We know it will give you a competitive advantage on the court, field, or mat. Whether you play basketball, lacrosse, football, wrestling, or any other sport requiring some added protection. Cumulus will help you be your best.

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