Five Major Benefits of Compression Sleeves

Every major sport takes advantage of compression sleeves. It can be seen on the stars in basketball, football, lacrosse, wrestling, and other popular leagues around the world. The benefits are massive, and support for protective sleeves and kneepads keeps growing. For a better idea of what compression sleeves offer, take at look at the top five benefits.

5. Comfort

A good compression sleeve is comfortable without being to restrictive. The construction is lightweight, but not flimsy enough to roll down from sustained impact. Minutes after putting on a compression kneepad, you forget it is being worn. That is good design, and the very foundation that compression sleeves were built on. Perspiration and activity support further enhance the usefulness of applying a compression sleeve on a joint area.

4. Recovery

Recovering from injuries is hard when you can’t afford to slow down. A lapse of judgment can cause further injury, even if you mentally prepare for physicality. With a compression sleeve, you can intelligently recover while playing. Breathable fabric promotes positive blood circulation, speeding up the healing process instead of stagnating it. Soreness is reduced, and the overall area feels better protected against miscellaneous injuries.

3. Injury Reduction

A minor injury can turn into a major problem when it is in the recovery stage. Injury prevention is another benefit to using a compression sleeve. NBA Hall of Famer Allen Iverson was popular for starting the arm compression sleeve trend in the NBA. What began as a way to recover from an injury became a reliable way to prevent one in the same spot.

During a workout, stretching can be more dangerous than the actual routine. To prevent a pre-workout injury, an arm or leg compression sleeve can be used to counteract pulls. Overall, it provides just enough support to not get in the way of normal exercise.

2. Performance Enhancement

Athletes that are injured won’t always have the option of wearing a brace. Depending on the location, a brace will lower flexibility and hamper game performance. A compression sleeve stays out of the way while offering proper support for speed, strength and muscle durability. All movements need consistency, which is something that a brace can’t offer. 

1. Durability

Compression sleeves are hand and machine washable. They are highly resistant to rips and tears, with a strong build made of long-lasting materials. Following normal care routines allows you to use a compression sleeve multiple times a year without wearing out the material. Compression sleeves keep their shape, which is an important part of their general everyday use. Investing in good compression products is an important part of any active career that depends on physical dominance.

Wrap Up

There will always be a need for compression sleeves, no matter how obscure the sport. Physicality of any kind increases the chance of injuries, even when proper precautions are in place. By prioritizing your health, you take complete control of your body. Compression sleeves are a great addition to that attitude, and provides a wide range of good health behavior.

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