A Completely Custom Design

One of the features we are most proud to offer at Cumulus Sport is the customization of your knee sleeve or arm sleeve with no minimums. Most companies making custom items require large order quantities, not us. We fulfill orders of any quantity, even if it's just one kneepad. We love to print team logos, personal images, and mantras that motivate athletes.

How it works
You dream it, we can make it. Our design team can work with anything you give us but here are a few tips to ensure you have a flawless custom product.

  1. When selecting the image be sure that it is at least 500 x 500 pixels. Any high quality image you provide can be printed on the pad of your sleeve.
  2. Edit your design with our live preview of your personalization. While designing your sleeve you can crop, rotate, and resize your design.
  3. Preview your sleeve in the shopping cart before completing your purchase. What you see in the image preview is how your custom sleeve will be made.
  4. Leave any special instructions you have for our design team in the additional instructions box. If you were not able to position the design exactly how you want it let us know and we will make accommodations.

If there is a problem with your custom image our designers will contact you for a replacement image prior to printing. If you have any questions about the customization you would like on your sleeve feel free to message our customer service team at contact@cumulussport.com and one of our designers can address your concerns.  

Here are a few examples of custom sleeves that we have created.

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