Keys for Wrestling Knee Pads

Knee pads have been used in the sport of wrestling for decades. Legends such as Dave Schultz, John Smith, and Cael Sanderson all wore knee pads during different points in their careers. Knee pads, especially for wrestlers, offer extreme benefits as very few sports involve as much knee impact.  A knee pad is the easiest and most inexpensive way to give yourself an edge while cutting down on injuries.

Stability in All Positions

As a wrestler you know between scrambles, leg attacks, and leg defense you get in a lot of funky spots. You want a knee pad that is secure and won’t move as you work your way through these positions. If you are constantly fidgeting with and fixing your knee pad it’s probably time to switch brands. There is nothing more annoying in an intense match than having to constantly pull your knee pad or leg sleeve up.

A key to making sure your knee pad stays in place is getting a pad that fits your leg well. If a pad or sleeve is too tight the material will have a hard time sticking to your leg, and that is often what causes slipping. Sizing up with knee pads is usually a safe bet. With compression fabrics you will have a hard time putting on a sleeve that is even a bit too small. But if the sleeve is a bit large, that is typically not an issue and the compression fabric will most likely still fit snug.

Protection from Repetitive Injuries

Becoming good at wrestling is all about repetition. Correct, repeated drilling is fundamental to becoming a successful offensive wrestler. Every penetrative shot requires a drop step or knee pound. This takes thousands of repetitions in practice, and such high volumes can be hard on your knees. Wearing a knee pad in practice as well as matches can cut down on injuries like bursitis which is caused by repeated impact.

Choosing the Right Knee Pad

There are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing a wrestling knee pad; durability, stability, and the ability to be machine washed. Many popular knee pads for wrestlers have a hex design. While this may work for other sports, wrestlers tend to tear these pads up quickly. Finding a pad that will last is important. While not an astronomical expense, you want a knee pad that is going to last at least a full season, if not longer.

As addressed earlier, stability is important. The last thing you want to worry about is your knee pad falling down. A great knee pad is one you forget you are wearing. A detailed sizing chart can help you find the right size knee pad; one which will be both comfortable and stable. Finding your correct size is the key to getting the most out of your knee pad.

Machine washable. Not the first thing you think of when purchasing a new knee pad. But, not all knee pads can handle a washing machine and drier. Make sure your knee pad can withstand frequent cleanings. Wrestling is one of the only sports where skin disease can become an issue if equipment is not properly cleaned. Knee pads, just like your workout clothes, need to be washed after each use. Nothing is worse than buying a new knee pad, wearing it once and having it come out of your drier misshapen and ruined.


Tested Specifically for Wrestling

Many of the tests Cumulus Sport performs on their knee pads for durability come from the sport of wrestling. No athlete is harder on a knee pad than a wrestler. This is due to the high volume of stress a wrestler puts on their knees during an average practice. Where a basketball player may hit their knees a few times per game, wrestlers are intentionally hitting their knees constantly. Feel comfortable knowing that all of Cumulus knee pads are tested specifically to stand up to wrestling pressure.

Wrap Up

Wrestling knee pads are low cost, easy to use, and beneficial. Simply wearing a knee pad could help prevent you from having major injuries and pain during your wrestling career. For the sport of wrestling it seems like a no brainer. Do your knees a favor, wear a knee pad. 

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